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MiraQell Wellness Assessment

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Miraqell wellness package is an attainable, realistic and effective assessment to modify your life style by focusing on your genes and brain type. This science-based approach helps you have a better understanding about your wellness.

A personalized diet can reduce inflammation in your body; resulting in reduced feeling of fatigue, enhanced immune system, better pain tolerance, and improved blood biomarkers e.g. blood glucose and cholesterol, as well as improved mood, memory, and brain function which overall can promote healthier lifestyle. 

Using state of the art genetic testing procedures, your DNA is analyzed and your personlized report would inform you about how your genes could influence weight management, body composition, cardiometabolic health, food intolerances, eating habits, fitness performance, and injury risk.

What is included in this package

  • A DNA sample collection kit will be mailed to you
  • Online brain type assessment
  • 1 hour minute interpretation session with a nutritionist after receiving your report
  • 30 minute dietitian asessment
  • 60 minute dietitian session

 Free standard shipping across Canada for your DNA test kit

This package is provided by Toronto Poly Clinic